modern-wrist-watches-aightAight wrist watches

DRIVE watch from Aight. AIGHT is a lifestyle watch brand with an independent outlook for creative individuals who don’t just think about life, they live it… the AIGHTERS! At AIGHT, it’s all about detail. Perfection is the ultimate goal. When you wear an AIGHT watch, you express another side of your personality. Deep or light-hearted, bold or gentle, an AIGHT expresses your wild side in a graceful and understated way.

AIGHT is short for “Alright”. It’s “okay!”. An answer and a question. An inner quest. A statement about who you are and where you’re going.

Developed by designers as part of a collection, AIGHT watches are unique. Nothing is left to chance. The true value lies in the detail. AIGHT says: “Because we want AIGHT watches to be a pleasure to wear, they’re designed to maximize comfort. That’s why we use high-quality silicone that’s soft to the touch.

The AIGHT brand’s first collection reinvents the slap strap and transforms it into a modern, designer icon. Water resistant and ultra light (59g) with a soft-touch rubber strap, slim dial and sleek lines, AIGHT watches are a style statement. A cross between urban jewellery and fashion accessories, AIGHT watches adapt to your every desire. A distinctive design: sleek lines and bold colours. Unique packaging, reusable as a passport cover – the perfect invitation to travel. A premium quality design and Seiko movement.