decorative wall trophies from Cardboard Safari

We’d like to invite you to a safari….a Cardboard Safari…! The wall trophies from the US brand Cardboard Safari are made of 100% locally sourced, recyclable cardboard and are available in either brown or white.
The animal wall trophies are extremely decorative and and show a sense of humour. They are delivered in a flatpack and they definitely are a great gift idea. Click here to check out our collection.

Cardboard Safari says: There is a little something for everyone – the hunter, the hipster, the aesthete, the child, the executive, the artist.
Cardboard Safari makes its home at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Charlottesville, Virginia. Inspired by the landscape that surrounds us, we celebrate the union of art and technology, joining imagination and fabrication to make beautiful sculptural forms for your home. Our goal is to make neat stuff, fun products that foster an appreciation for the natural world.