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Invitation to a safari

We’d like to invite you to a safari….a Cardboard Safari…! The wall trophies from the US brand Cardboard Safari are made of 100% locally sourced, recyclable cardboard and are available in either brown or white. The animal wall trophies are extremely decorative and and show a sense of humour. They are delivered in a flatpack […] Lire la suite

It’s gonna be AIGHT! Modern wrist watches from Aight

DRIVE watch from Aight. AIGHT is a lifestyle watch brand with an independent outlook for creative individuals who don’t just think about life, they live it… the AIGHTERS! At AIGHT, it’s all about detail. Perfection is the ultimate goal. When you wear an AIGHT watch, you express another side of your personality. Deep or light-hearted, […] Lire la suite